Wills - make a Will

Wills - make a Will


A Will, a Will, I will – but then again I probably won’t!


It is a startling statistic that only one in four people in Britain have a Will.

Common excuses for not making a Will include believing you have nothing worth inheriting or that you simply don’t have the time. Many admit that they have never even thought about making a Will.

A Will is so much more than a document that says who gets the nice vase you have in the hall way or who gets those shares that pay that small dividend each month. A Will gives you complete peace of mind that your wishes are documented and that they will be carried out upon your death.

You can choose who you trust to deal with your affairs when you are no longer here and who is to look after any infant children and make sure they are provided for.

You can leave that small gift to your friend to say thank you for years of loyal friendship and, probably most importantly, you can say exactly how your assets are divided upon your death.

A Will is not an obligation, it is a choice but it may be the best decision you make for your family. A Will takes out all of the stress of a bereavement as your wishes are clearly documented for all to see. It allows those you leave behind to grieve your death without any worries.

Making a Will may be a lot less painful and a lot more satisfying than you think.

If you want more information regarding making a Will or think now is the right time to start planning for later life give our Private Client team a call on 01422 842 451 or email daniel.rourke@finngledhill.co.uk


Daniel Rourke – July 2018