When someone dies.

When someone dies.


Assistance when someone dies.


When someone close to you dies it may seem that there is a million and one things you need to do but you do not feel like doing any of them.

Often the last thing you feel like doing is sorting through all of their personal papers in order to close bank accounts and cash in investments. Our probate experts can take the stress of doing all that off you and allow you time to grieve and make the necessary arrangements with family and friends.

We offer a comprehensive service in dealing with a deceased persons affairs; from investigating what the assets and liabilities are, to making applications for a Grant of Probate if required, to cashing in investments and distributing the same to the beneficiaries. We do the work so you simply do not have to.

At the heart of what we do is our commitment to providing our clients with first class legal advice and assistance in a supportive and caring manner.

If someone close to you has died or you are an Executor, if you want more information about our estate administration service give our Private Client team a call on 01422 842 451 or email daniel.rourke@finngledhill.co.uk


Daniel Rourke – July 2018